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12 Weeks!

Soooo... no one told me that trying to keep up a family blog with a new baby in the home is next to impossible.

But here I, finally, am to give you all the updates!

Jackson is now 12 weeks old! (As of Sept 3rd 2021).

Where did the time go?

He's filled out so much. He's now 11 lbs. He's now babbling adorably, all smiles and already melting hearts.

He's a little party animal. He always wants to be awake and active when we are.

And he's even tackled rolling early. Even in the womb, I knew he was gonna be a little go-getter.

We're still doing some late night/early morning feedings but he's sleeping much longer stretches now.

In his short (almost) three months he's already made his on camera debut for an audition I had (and did not book), been to his first dance call (booked it), attended his first costume fitting and attended his first Broadway workshop while mommy was teaching (sleeping the entire way through). AND he finally got to meet his Grandparents on daddy's side.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say we're all obsessed with our little man.

Even the cats are adjusting quite nicely. Finn was VERY skittish at first. I think he felt a bit betrayed (he's always been the baby) but we've actually had a few group snuggles now. Pictures and video below.

I returned to work 2 week ago, both in the salon AND in the theatre (Wizard of Oz-choreographing this one). The first day I left Jackson with Scott, I cried. I had no doubt that daddy would be brilliant but you have to remember, it had been just me and Jackson for 8 weeks. Together morning, noon and night. I took me forever to leave the house but once at rehearsal I felt much better and truly needed the return to theater. More than I knew. Despite missing my munchkin terribly, it was really nice to get back to my theatre world and get to work doing what I love.

On a separate note, I have discovered yet another sibling I didn't know I had. Well, actually she discovered me and I was able to introduce her to our other siblings that I only met a little over a year ago. For those of you following this saga, the story is getting crazier and crazier. For those scratching their heads going "huh", turns out my birth dad was quite the adventurous type in the romance department. And along with my new found siblings, we are uncovering his story and our own. I'm going to be writing separate blog posts, right here, about my/our journey to help document it all. Perhaps there's a book or docu-series in the future. We shall see. So, stay tuned for the soap opera because it's getting VERY interesting up in the Brooks Family Tree. I grew up only knowing about 2 other half siblings...Jason and Amy and now we have Jeff, Debbie and Maureen (who looks A LOT like me). The deeper we did the crazier this story is getting. So stay tuned to this blog.

Enjoy the Jackson Gallery below <3 We'll be back next month with more updates and photos.

~Jen, Scott, Jackson, Finn & Fiona.

Please do not post photos or video on social media or the internet. Thank you. If you'd like a printable version of a photo, please email us.

Jackson Home Video Highlights

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