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Welcome! To our first family blog post.

You made it!

So yup, we're pregnant. Something good had to happen this year!

Baby Boy Meeds is due June 14th, 2021.

Christmas Day in Oregon. Complete with a lucky Rainbow.

We have casually been trying for the last year but being in the Navy lifestyle made it hard with the Submarine's comings and goings.

We found out the day the movers came to our home in Guam to pack us out. October 22nd, 2020.

There was a lot of waiting around and the spirit moved me to do a random pregnancy test. I was so shocked that I took four different tests. lol. After test one, I walked into our bare bedroom and waggled the test at Scott, who needless to say was completely caught off-guard. I do things on whims sometimes. I wasn't trusting of the rinky-dinky paper strip tests I had, so we waited a bit and did another. Two lines again. But the shock hadn't worn off...So, Scott ran to the store to pick up a first response test. Annnnnd there it was!

Could I BE anymore pregnant?

Thanks to Bianca who told me "Two lines is two lines, no matter how faint". lol.

Meanwhile downstairs...

Test number 4! I think we're actually pregnant, babe.

We got it, even more, officially confirmed on Monday at the Naval Hospital.

We planned on telling my mom as soon as we arrived in California and surprising Scott's family at Christmas.

In the meantime I got my first sonogram and we found out the gender.

I mean...check out that babe chillin'! Grab him a cocktail and umbrella!

Scott finds out the gender on facetime.

Scott was at training in Florida for the first two visits but got to FaceTime into both. Mama Brooks came with me to the first visit.

We had a suspicion on gender but not a preference. We were thinking girl, so when the nurse said boy, we were surprised.

But clearly still very happy (photo left).

So we are currently 16 weeks along.

For interested parties.....

Nope, no morning sickness. First trimester I was SUPER tired. I mean, I am not a napper and I napped.

But that's about it.

Now I have my energy back to workout and stay active.

I fully intend on, literally, dancing my way through the pregnancy. Hope this kid doesn't mind showtunes and twerking. lol.

A yes! We got some great family reactions on video which we then used to announce our pregnancy publicly.

And even got it on camera! Which we then used as a public announcement.

What else? The baby is healthy and free of any genetic issues. (Ugh, so much bloodwork...allllll the bloodwork.)

And....Names for the baby?...we're not ready to start sharing but we are work-shopping a few and have a front runner.

So, stay tuned.

What's next....

Scott will report to our new duty station here in California this month. He'll be recruiting for the Navy out of Alameda, CA. Which is exactly where we fought to be. Anywhere in the Bay Area really, but we got super lucky with the location.

He just made 1st class which is no easy feat within your first 5 years in the Navy. Congrats Babe!

I will be starting a new Salon job here in Marin County at Salon Bilancio in the New Year. The woman who owns it has wonderful energy and it totally supportive of my pregnancy and my other passion- Theatre.

Although theatre is currently dark right now due to Covid-19, I do have work booked for 2022. I had originally booked "Something Rotten" for 2020. The show is a monty python-esque comedy about writing a musical in shakespearean times. I got to see it on Broadway a few times and nearly pee'd laughing. The show has been pushed to the 2022 season and my role will be waiting for me when we are able to safely bring theatre back.

We will be starting to house hunt this month, with the goal of securing something before the baby arrives.

In the meantime, we're staying with my mom in Marin, which makes an easy commute for both my new job and Scott's.

So, that's about it for the moment. We'll soon post our registry. A yes, there's talks of a virtual baby shower in the works.

That info will all be posted either here or via email or both.

We are so excited for this next adventure and are so grateful for your love and support!

XOXO Jen & Scott

Just a reminder: Please do no re-share content from this page. Saving photos for your personal viewing is fine.

PS. Not all our posts will be this wordy but we had a lot to share for this first ones. Some future posts may just be photo galleries.

Left to Right: 15 1/2 week Itty Bitty Baby Bump | Papa-and-Mama-To-Be | Happy Grandma (Brooks)-To-Be.

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