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Droolie Andrews.

It's been a minute since we've even had time to think of a blog update because we've been busy, busy, busy.

And there's so much to update you on and it's DROOL CITY over here.

Jackson has become quite the theatre baby and he LOVES it. He's fascinated by the lights, costumes and the people! My goodness he's such a people person already. And the cast of my (Jen's) latest show is just in love with him. Show Info HERE. I have have been so blessed to have found a wonderful theatre company that is super supportive of family and allowed me to have him at rehearsal on occasion. Jackson has sat in on multiple rehearsals and even made his debut on our set turn table (video at the end of post). He's impressed everyone with his level of chill in the rehearsal setting. He's a natural.

Now in his 5th month, Jackson has been working hard at crawling but hasn't quite figured it out yet. However, he is rolling all over the place. Turning 360 and drooling up a storm (Hey, Droolie Andrews), which means....yup, he's got a couple of teeth that have popped through on the bottom. He's been handling the discomfort really well, with only a few cranky spells. He handled his second round of vaccines like champ and this month we've also started introducing some solid foods and so far he's a fan (video at the end). And yes, we are getting MUCH more sleep these days. Thank goodness.

We enjoyed out first Family Halloween Costume! Star Wars, of course, because who can resist a tiny Ewok? We're already ready plotting more fun family costumes. We figure we have at least a few years of picking before Jackson starts calling the shots.

Oh, also..Jackson may have gotten his first girlfriend. Our sitter's daughter has fallen in love with him and I think the feeling is mutual. He's also got a bestie, Onyx, who is only a month older. Mama, Nikki, and I work in theater together (Pic in gallery).

As for mom and dad? Scott has moved recruiting offices from Alameda to Fairfield, which has cut out a horrendous commute. Chopped it from 1.5 hours in traffic to a swift 20 minutes. AND he's loving his new office mates so much more. So that has alleviated much stress and fatigue. Plus he's become quite the rock star in his recruiting ventures. You already know, I am back at work at the salon and in the Theater. Currently in tech and about to open THE MAGIC LAMP at the newly renovated and historic Presidio theatre in San Francisco. More info HERE. Up next (Covid allowing): Spring Show with the Mountain Play: HELLO DOLLY (Irene Malloy) and Woodminster Summer Musicals: SOMETHING ROTTEN (Bea) in the late summer. So fingers crossed Covid doesn't interfere because I am so excited for these two shows. For those who love coming to see me perform and don't know which one to choose (if you HAVE to choose), holler at me.

Our next update will most likely be post holidays. So happy everything and we'll see you on the flip side.

And now for the cutest photo and video dump ever.

Photo Gallery and Video Below <3

As always, if you want copies of any pictures or just wanna say hey. Email us:

And please ask before posting any photos of Jackson on social media. XOXO

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