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Our Registry & A Quick Blog Trouble Shoot


I know I know...That's two posts this month. This is just a quickie to announce our registry is LIVE!

Here's the link:

We've enabled group gifting for pricier items. So, anyone can contribute to a higher ticket item. If you don't see an item you think we NEED, please check with us first, we might already have it thanks to hand-me-downs and second hand stores.

Our Virtual Shower invite will follow via email. We are planning on an April date, at a time that both coasts can attend.

It will also be posted here.

For those who have mentioned trying to leave a comment on our blog posts. Scroll below for more info.

Some of you have been asking how to leave a comment!

Ok, yeah, so the leaving comments thing is a bit weird. Turns out, subscribing to our site is different than being a site member.

Don't ask me why. Send complaints to Wix. lol. But, if you want to leave public comments on our blogs, then this section is for you....otherwise, thanks for stopping by. See you in March for our next (real) blog entry!

So let me walk ya through this.

When you visit (Or go the manual route of and click on VIP tab).

This pops up....

To which you will enter the password: meedsfamily

No caps.

Next this should pop up:

Enter your email to receive an email every time I make a new blog post.

If you don't want to receive emails, then just click the X and you can check back on your own schedule.

Keep in mind you might miss VIP news, though.

Ok so now, you're into the blog.

When you click on a blog post to read, scroll all the way to the bottom, you should see this (if the site loads completely).

You might also see which case, CONGRATS, you're already a site member and can leave comments . Assuming technology is behaving. Note: The little icon would have your photo/name, not mine.

Ok, but if you're not a site member yet....this where you take the next step. Just click the login option and the next thing that pops up should be this:

Join via facebook or with an email and this should set you up as a site member.

The only difference between that and giving your email for subscribing/notifications is that this allows you to leave comments. So for those that want to leave public comments (others that view the blog can see them). Then these steps should work for you. If they don't, email me and I think I can manually add you. xoxo

We're still new this blog thing. But thank you for coming on this adventure with us!

xoxo Jen & Scott

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