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There's No Place Like Home.

Hello Family and Friends,

It's been a minute but as many of you know, we have been settling into our new home in Vallejo, California! We are homeowners and couldn't be more excited to share a virtual walk through of our home complete with cleverly themed music, of course.

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Word is out! We've settled on a name....well, unless this little fella comes out and for some nutty reason we go- nope he's not that! But what are the odds? Drum roll please forrrrrrrr....

Jackson Kelly Meeds

Jackson- for Scott's hometown in Jacksonville- The coolest little historical, western town in Oregon, just north of Ashland.

And of course Jen needed to have a little touch of hollywood/theatrics in there so....Kelly, for Gene Kelly. If you don't know who that is we may have to ban you from the blog. lol.

Jacksonville, Oregon

Gene Kelly in a Publicity Shot for Singin' In The Rain.

Jen's favorite Movie Musical.

Jen is now 33 weeks pregnant, which in the medical world equals 8 months pregnant. But there's still time ...Due date is June 14th. So, really, there's 1 month and 18 days to go...give or take. Of course, Babies are known to show up early or take their sweet time. If we had our guess, we'd say early or on-time because with the way he moves around, he's ready to go! Guess he gets that from both of us. A household of get-up-and-go'ers. Hang tight, Jackson. You'll be here soon enough.

Thank you to Bianca for throwing us amazing virtual shower and for everyone who both came and/or contributed to our registry. Some of ya'll more than once! What did we do to deserve the best friends and family on the planet?

Rather than just send thank you cards out, we'd love to send photos and videos of Jackson with your gifts, when appropriate. For those who sent diapering type gifts...don't worry we'll find a creative and funny way to send you something that doesn't involve poop. So, getting thank you's out may take a little time. But they'll be worth the wait.

If you haven't had a chance yet...We'd say our biggest need right now is contributions to the diaper fund and wipes.

Of course, there's still some nursery needs left as well. But if you don't see it listed, we have it.

So, definitely check before you buy anything not-on-the-registry at this point.

Meeting the little man....

As you know this has been a a huge challenge for all parents who have brought babies into the world during covid.

And we had a good talk with our doctor....So, to keep things short and sweet and healthy, we'll simply say...

In-Person introductions, visits and holding the baby will be a very slow roll out. Please be patient with us and know that these boundaries are not personal but baby's health (and ours) is of extreme is our time together as a family unit in the first months. We don't know what this timeline will look like and what we will feel comfortable with but with the help of our doctor, we'll figure it out. We're grateful to have your continued love and support in this matter.

That's all for now, except some photos below! Family- Feel free to save and print your favorites.

Easter in Sonoma, CA. Photos by Kyra Kozlenko

Jen also recreated a pinup photo she took for Scott in 2016.

Here's the 29 Weeks Pregnant. 2021 version.

Photography and editing by Jen.

The Original from 2016

for Scott's Sub School Graduation.

Photography by Michael Smith

(Who also took their California Wedding Photos)

Just a little 2 day get-a-way to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

See Y'all Next Blog. Thanks for Stopping by!

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