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Originally from San Francisco, California, I grew up in a theatrical family where diversifying your artistic skill set was a way of life. I was born with the "how hard can it be?" gene. Which has served me well in my creative endeavors. 

I currently reside in the San Francisco Bay Area but have also called New York and Guam home. I am a graduate of  The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City and  have performed on stages from Germany to Guam and San Francisco to New York. 

I am also a choreographer and teacher who has trained in everything from Belly Dance to Broadway and has worked along side Broadway and Pop legends such as Baayork Lee and Paula Abdul.

Because of my love for old hollywood glamour, vintage and dressing up, I was often the unofficial hair and style consultant in my community theater days. So, it seemed a natural choice to "double major" in Cosmetology. So, inbetween auditioning and waiting tables, I attended classes at the New York Hair Design Institute and got myself a second passion and career. Since then I have become an award winning stylist, specializing in vintage/period styles, weddings and (naturally) Wigs.

In 2017 I married, Scott Meeds, former NY Actor and now, Technician on Naval Submarines. In 2021, we welcomed our beloved Jackson Kelly Meeds into the world. Which inspired my Podcast  "Baby in the Wings" .  A podcast for theater people, raising little people, which I co-host with my childhood bestie, mama and artist, Bianca Leroux (formerly Jamotte).

While theatre is my first love, my family comes first. So, I am especially interested in projects and people that promote inclusion, representation and support of parents in the arts. The arts need our experience and our experiences. 


In regards to...

silly or high-spirited behavior; mischief.

Work hard, play hard. (After, we call them plays, right?) Most of us got into artistic careers because it brought us great joy. We often lose sight of that as we make our way into "the industry" side of things. I know because I lost myself in the industry for awhile as I tried to shape and mold myself into what Broadway wanted. Then I remembered that little girl who played in the wings as my mom performed or directed a show and how magical it all was.

Shenanigans is just the loving way I refer to keeping creativity, magic and that inner child alive. And I hope to inspire that in others. No matter what project I am working on.

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