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I'm Jen and I grew up in a theatrical family where diversifying your artistic skill set was a way of life and from an early age I have always been blessed to be surrounded and inspired by artists who excel at more than one thing. Especially my mother who is a director, actor, light designer and has trained, performed and taught NOH (Japanese dance theatre). 

Growing up in this environment allowed me to believe that there is unlimited potential as an artist.

 Comedian, Elyse Myers put it perfectly-

"If I'm being completely honest, I don't think there's anything I couldn't do at least half way decently. I was born with the "how hard can it be?" gene. Which is incredibly helpful and very delusional and it's made me pretty lucky."

So, here I am. A cornucopia of artistic shenanigans

and adventures.

I'm an SF Bay Area native and have performed on stages from New York to California to Hawaii and Germany to Guam.

I attended The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC, where I continued to live and perform for 16 years.

I have trained in theatre, improv, hair design, pole dance, swing dance, fitness, meditation and more.

I have danced with Paula Abdul and the late great Franky Manning.

I have been known to play a little ukulele, perform burlesque, produce a podcast, build websites, video edit, fix a car with duct tape and resell vintage clothing.

I am mama to Jackson and wife to Scott,

And we are an active duty Navy family.

I am Bi-Coastal. 

SF Bay Area, CA

Jacksonville, FL/So. Georgia

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